Long-term development, support, and innovation
for your WordPress site.

Web Hosting


Let us deal with the technical hosting situations.

Limes Media WordPress design


Follow the trends that will make your site looks great.
limes media responsive media

Creative Design

UX creativity is essential to improve traffic.
Content management system

Website Development

Develop UI features that will increase revenue.
Limes Media Shopping Cart System

SEO Development

OnPage SEO is the foundation often neglected.
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When Do You Need maintenance?

At Limes Media Ltd, we helps successful businesses grow further and scale powerful WordPress project. You will get a full team of experts determined to solve your problems and increase your revenue.

Our WordPress maintenance services are designed for businesses that want to offload their technical stack to a proven team of WordPress developers. Our team of WordPress experts will ensure that your website follows the best trends, and we will keep introducing new features and optimising your website speed, security, and usability.

We love challenges and complicated projects.

WordPress UI Development

WordPress Development

Our team has the technical background to build practically anything on top of WordPress. 3rd party API or CRM integrations, plug-in customisation and theme frameworks or migration from a proprietary system – that’s what we do!
Theme Design and Front-end

Design and Front-end

While our focus is on WordPress UI, we won’t let your look and feel behind. We design clean UX and stylish websites and landing pages, and our layouts are always mobile-friendly, with usable responsive components.
Websites Long-Term Growth

Long-Term Growth

With a long-term relationship which will allow us to focus more on work instead of calling leads. Signing a long-term contract will give us enough time to get acquainted with your business model and technical infrastructure.
E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

We follow closely WordPress and WooCommerce to make sure that we can improve your e-commerce solution and increase your revenue. By being proactive in the WordPress development, we look for the best features that can help your business return on investment, and we’ll work together on solving challenging development problems.

How It Works?

Our ongoing WordPress development process depends on your cooperation, here’s how it works.

Let's Talk

Get in touch with us and share the business background of your existing WordPress project or a specification of your future endeavour.

We will discuss with you the best practices and quality standards accordingly, and provide you with alternative methods for building your solution and maintaining it in the long run.

Plan the process

We have a prepaid flexible agile model for a minimum of 4 months (up to 5 years and more) that allows for ongoing development, delivery and flexible iterations for your ongoing project.

However, we can also switch to a maintenance model (taking care of your network of sites or clients) or waterfall methodology by defining a certain set of hours per month.

Adjust the pace

Retainers get more successful with time. The longer we work together, the better we understand your business goals. Thus, we need to agree on a WordPress retainer model that scales, and could be extended for several years. You can focus on your business development and marketing and we’ll take on the entire technical stack of yours!

The communication process

WordPress retainers are usually focused around iterations, and we can assemble the best team for your needs. We will adjust to the right medium based on your needs – reporting in Asana or your PM system, sending regular emails or scheduling weekly calls with you or another decision maker on your team.

Where can you get your next fix?

The best way for you to generate income is for you to do what you know best and let take care of your website.

Get you website designed
by our team of experts

We will design your website and help you maintain it.
You will be able to benefit from Seminars & Workshops at discounted prices.

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