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Most of businesses are proud of their website but rely on an agency to monitor and manage the site for them. Website maintenance can be done in-house! … As long as you know what to do or how to.
Limes Media Ltd is here to help you with that because it is so much better to be in control.



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Few Stats Not To Ignore



use WordPress as a CMS.


Web Marketing

requires SEO & Analytics.


Online Traffic

is generated by Link Building.


Traffic & Leads

requires Social Media promo.

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Featured Seminars

Recurring Seminars to help you or your team make the most of your website, SEO and marketing.

How to get your website right

To build the perfect website (or close) you will need to bear in mind User eXperience (UX), SEO and Speed.

How to install WordPress Like a Pro

Knowing the right basics and foundation to install WordPress and the right elements to help you in the long run.

OnPage SEO and Keywords research

Once the website layout is done, Find the right content which will help you grow online.

Featured Workshops

From 1to1 to team work we’ll go more in-depth for your exact need with WordPress, SEO, Link building and Social Media.

Design your website in a day

For those whom need a landing page or an urgent project, we’ll show you how its done.

Set-up & Install WordPress Like a Pro

Ignore the “One Click Install”!
We’ll help you getting started on the RIGHT foot with less nonsense that will slow you down later.

Create your own theme

With the help of Divi Themes Builder, we’ll build pages like you build a Lego tower.

Who Is It For?

Are you a self employed, a sole-trader, work for an SME or part of a corporate team?

Our Seminars and Workshops are for you!

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Where to find us in Manchester

It is easy to find us depending on your budget or level we’ll offer Seminars & Workshops using the portals below:

Limes Media Ltd

Barnett House
53 Fountain Street
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