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Full Day Course Topics

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamental and essential. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site.

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress is a great platform to use for your website, if set-up and used properly.

Keyword Research

Ranking on search engines start with good keyphrases, so your research needs to be extensive.

Blogging Foundation

You need fresh new content on a regular basis, blogging is the method that will bring traffic.

OnPage SEO

Once you find out what to change come the implementation of your research and analysis.

Introduction to SEO
Organic OnPage SEO

Quite simply, SEO is the umbrella term for all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website and its content on search engine results pages (SERPs).
You may not have heard of OnPage SEO but you hear about meta tags, keywords all the time. every website needs OnPage SEO if they want to get traffic from search engines and rank better and for that you need to produce great content in a specific order. There is certain elements that are required on any static page, blog post and product page in your website, through our seminar you or team will learn the required check point necessary. We will also demonstrate in details how to create a great OnPage SEO content to help you getting traffic.

Keywords Research
Blogging for Business

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimised for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site. Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO basics.
Content is king! You’ll hear that phrase over and over again when it comes to SEO success. Indeed, that’s why the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors begins with the content “elements,” with the very first element being about content quality. Get your content right, and you’ve created a solid foundation to support all of your other SEO efforts.
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